Product Overview

MARS™3VL’s simplified design and enhanced functionality allows the freedom to focus more on the surgery and less on the setup.
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Features and Benefits


Designed for faster, easier, and more controlled access to the disc space, MARS™3VL allows for posterior blade retraction as well as anterior adjustment of the cephalad/caudal blades from one docking point.


Tailored to accommodate various surgeon preferences, the retractor frame accommodates either a 13mm inner diameter (ID) three-bladed construct or a 22mm ID two-bladed split tube construct.


Radiolucent blades securely attach to the stainless steel frame providing the perfect combination of strength and visibility under fluoroscopy.
CALIBER® is an expandable interbody spacer designed for a posterior lumbar approach. It is inserted at a contracted height and expanded in situ.

• Continuous Expansion: Up to 15° of lordosis and up to 5mm of disc height restoration.

• Minimal Insertion Height: Inserted at a reduced height to minimize impaction and preserve endplate integrity.

• Radiographic Assessment: Radiolucent PEEK endplates allow for improved radiographic assessment compared to titanium.

Product Overview

CANOPY® is a complete open door laminoplasty system offering intraoperative adaptability through expansive plate options.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Implant Set

A variety of plate designs are available to accommodate various patient anatomies.

Simple Approach

Easy-release screwdriver, drill-through plate holder, and versatile self-centering drill bits are available for precise insertion.

Controlled Decompression

A novel laminar distraction instrument offers controlled decompression.

Product Overview

CREO® ADDITION® offers connectors to revise and extend existing thoracolumbar constructs using a minimally invasive approach. With this comprehensive range of connectors, including modular and top-loading styles and advanced instruments, extending fixation is streamlined and efficient.

Features and Benefits

Modular Connectors

Lateral and inline connector options for attaching to existing rods

Top Loading Connectors

Allows for easy insertion onto an existing rod.

Headed Rods

Allow for ±25° of angulation within the screw head to aid in alignment.

Product Overview

Originally developed at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the Rod Link Reducer technique is designed to aid in the correction of severe spinal curvatures. This technique increases leverage to manipulate the spine in the axial, coronal and sagittal plane with a novel set of instruments. Manipulating Arms are attached to provisional rods which are placed proximal and distal to the apex of the curve. The deformity is manipulated into a corrected position, then the construct is rigidly locked in place while a permanent rod is installed on the contralateral side.

Features and Benefits

Time Saving

May reduce operative time compared to traditional methods

Controlled Correction

Allows controlled correction of severe sagittal, coronal, and axial deformity.

Rigid Construct

Holds and maintains correction during rod placement.

Product Overview

INDEPENDENCE® is an integrated lumber interbody spacer designed to preserve the natural sagittal anatomic profile while providing anterior column support and stability. Low profile and intuitive instruments streamline the entire procedure and facilitate delivery.

Features and Benefits

Integrated Plate and Spacer

Designed to preserve the natural sagittal anatomical profile.

Lag Screws

Compressively load the graft to help promote fusion.

Blocking Set Screw

Provides audible, tactile and visual confirmation of engagement to prevent screw backout.

Product Overview

MARS™ Anterior Retractor maximizes working area through individual blade retraction and angulation, with an unrivaled 360° blade handle-to-frame connection. The simplified retractor offers the stability and versatility for a minimal access retroperitoneal approach, potentially reducing collateral damage to muscle and surrounding tissues

Features and Benefits

Top-Loading Blades'

Facilitate simple blade insertion and removal, allowing for quick, intraoperative blade changes as well as the ability to load the blade in any orientation.

Preassembled Table Arm

Simplifies the assembly process with minimal adjustments needed during setup.

Dovetail Frame Design

Reduces clamp rotation and slippage on the frame.

Product Overview

INDEPENDENCE MIS® is an integrated lumbar interbody spacer designed to deliver screw or anchor fixation in fewer procedural steps through a less invasive surgical corridor than traditional integrated spacers.

Features and Benefits

In-Line Integrated Fixation

Innovative instruments facilitate simple implantation even with challenging patient anatomy.

Biomechanical Stability

Biomechanically comparable with a traditional stand-alone ALIF system when used with screws.

Intraoperative Versatility

Compatible with anchors and screws, providing multiple options for securing the spacer to the vertebral bodies

Product Overview

The COALITION MIS® spacer is an anterior cervical interbody spacer that delivers integrated anchor fixation in fewer procedural steps through a less invasive surgical corridor than traditional integrated spacers. COALITION MIS® titanium spacers feature SintrOS™, a laser engraved surface technology, designed to encourage cellular activity at the bone interface.

Features and Benefits

Minimized Surgical Corridor

The spacer may be Inserted through an incision approximately the same size as the spacer to help reduce soft tissue retraction and disruption

Easier Access to C2-C3 and C6-C7

Low profile instruments, inline with the disc space, reduce interference with the chin and sternum at upper and lower levels of the cervical spine

Fewer Procedural Steps

Streamlined holder and guided anchor impactors eliminate in situ assembly for fast and simple fixation

Product Overview

MARS™ ACDF Cervical Retractor has a small, sleek stainless steel body with side-loading radiolucent titanium blades. A wide range of blade offerings are available to adapt to patient anatomy for intraoperative versatility.

Features and Benefits

Stable Platform

The table arm attachment secures the frame and prevents shifting.

Secure Attachment

Provides a rigid connection between the blade and blade handle, preventing rotation and allowing for an easy transition to the retractor frame.

MIS Access

Comprehensive blade offering for minimal soft tissue disruption and maximum access through a minimal incision is available.


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